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Eric Oppel has been in the delicatessen business for nearly two decades, getting his start at Attman’s Deli when he was just 15 years old. Through his hard work, dedication, and passion for the deli environment, Eric worked his way up the ladder at Attman’s before opening his own deli at the age of 25. The Corned Beef Factory opened its doors in Highlandtown in the spring of 2010. Two years later, Eric opened the second Corned Beef Factory in Timonium. In 2014, Eric received the opportunity to open and manage “Morty’s Delicatessen,” brought to Maryland by the founders of Maryland Live Casino. He made the difficult decision to leave The Corned Beef Factory to his partner, and move on to the new opportunity.

In 2016, Eric was promoted to the Senior Multi Level Manager at Maryland Live Casino, given the task of operating 5 of the 7 restaurants in the casino. While the restaurant business at the casino was thriving and numbers were up across the board, Eric simply could not shake the entrepreneurial itch to return to his roots and true passion, which is owning and operating his own New York style delicatessen.

Eric has gathered all that he has learned through the years and put it all together in one final project: Deli-ish.

Deli-ish pays homage to the rich delicatessen history in our country, while also establishing a trendy, modern atmospshere that separates Deli-ish from other restaurants in the area.

Est June 2017 – Deli-ish Dundalk

Eric and his friendly staff look forward to serving you and your family for many years to come.

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Our goal at Deli-ish is to be YOUR delicatessen. If you have thoughts on how we can make Deli-ish better, we ask that you please share your opinion with us.

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